Vikas Malik

I am a stem cell biologist. Following my study of natural stem cells in Hydra and Planaria during my master's, I moved on to making stem cells from mouse skin in the lab during my Ph.D. Now, I have transitioned to human embryonic stem cells (hESCs), aligning myself more closely with translational research during my Post-Doc at Columbia University. Engaged in various projects, I explore the complex mechanisms of intrinsic immunity in stem cells, specifically their defense against viral infections. My another research project is focused on understanding the impact of sleep restriction on the regeneration potential of adult stem cells.

Beyond the lab, serving as the CUPS co-vice president and co-chair of the networking community has been a tremendous experience. It allows me to discover innovative ways to collaborate with the exceptionally talented members of the CUPS team. Together, we engage in dynamic brainstorming sessions to expand our community within the university, with the aim of connecting with every individual in the extensive and dynamic postdoc and ARS population (>1600 people!). One particularly meaningful initiative, close to my heart, is the "CUPS and Startups: a Networking Series" co-developed with my colleague Mikael Pezet. This endeavor involves bringing the postdoc community into the incubator spaces within NYC, and we're immensely grateful for the warm reception from the NYC life science community. In addition to this, our regular board game nights, happy hours, city visits, and outdoor events serve as fantastic opportunities to bridge connections within the postdoc/ARS community. We at CUPS are always open to hear your ideas regarding what events would you like us to organize. Please feel free to reach out to us.