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Virtual Cocktails Class with Rebecca Pinnell

September 24, 2020
7:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Online Disclaimers: (for ticketed events) Please realize that you will NOT receive a ticket through Eventbrite/Facebook/email. About this Event Make a cocktail, or just come to watch and enjoy the CUPS company! **The first 20 postdocs to sign up will receive a FREE cocktail toolkit - simply provide your name and mailing address to get the tools sent to your apartment/home! Join Rebecca Pinnell as she teaches a virtual cocktail class aimed to help you create cocktails in your home with depth and balance. Added below is a “shopping” list detailing ingredients and tools that you can gather to have ready at the start of class. We will be making the special syrups and cocktails step by step, at the same time together. This virtual class has been designed to be engaging, entertaining, and full of tips on how to continue to make delicious cocktails in your home. To celebrate two classic cocktails, Rebecca will guide us through making a tiki inspired cocktail called the Saturn and a play on the Sidecar. For the tiki cocktail we will be making an almond syrup called orgeat. This requires regular milk and almond extract, or almond milk. For the seasonal sidecar, we will be using plums or figs. You can gather fresh or preserves for this syrup. Rebecca Pinnell is a cocktail evangelist and a regular cocktail history educator at The Battery, a members only club in San Francisco. She has taught over 70 cocktail classes since shelter in place in March. Recently, she was the bar manager at San Francisco’s Bon Voyage!, and previously worked in New York at Barbuto and Cafe Dante. You can visit her website at Ingredients: Choose one or two: vodka, gin, tequila, rum, whiskey (small sizes acceptable!) 2 lemons per person 1 orange 2 Plum or 4 figs- fresh or preserves 1 kiwi or ⅓ cup berries 1 small piece of fresh ginger Milk + almond extract or Almond milk Whole spices- all or a few- cloves, star anise, cinnamon stick Sugar Tools: Jigger- or tbsp & ¼ cup Measuring spoons and cups Shaking vessel- cocktail shaking tins, mason jar, wide mouth water bottle, tupperware Cocktail straining tool- or wooden spoon Fine mesh strainer (optional) Mason jar and lid Vegetable peeler Cutting board Knife Handheld juicer Small saucepan Wooden spoon Small glass 2 glasses per person*- coupe/marini & tiki or rocks glass *place in freezer before class Disclaimers: (for ticketed events) Please realize that you will NOT receive a ticket through Eventbrite/Facebook/email. Physical tickets will be given out by the event's organizer. Look for further information on your Eventbrite-linked email.

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