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Postural Therapy Movement Class with Joey Zimet

October 22, 2020
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Re-EDUCATE Your Body Insights into the WHATS and WHYS of POSTURE as a foundation of your physical health What can we do to regain our natural alignment to feel, move, and function as optimally as possible? Let’s explore a model of OPTIMAL POSTURAL FUNCTION in which we’ll develop an embodied understanding of how to naturally more effortlessly, stand with relaxed, optimal posture, and FEEL as good as possible. Yes, it’s a distinct feeling! The goal of the Postural Therapy Movement Class is for you to: - Gain insights to think critically about WHY you have your “normal” aches and pains. o Why is my back chronically tight? o Why does my wrist hurt when I type? o Why is it so hard to sit up straight for more than a minute? - Leave with the tools – postural stretches and exercises - to stand or sit up straight, walk with efficiency and balance, and breathe more naturally and optimally. - Regain the template of how optimal posture FEELS. - Take charge of your physical health! Joey Zimet is a Postural Therapist with a private practice in NYC. He has a deep passion for helping people eliminate pain and function more optimally. Zimet holds an Advanced Master’s Degree (Ed.M.) in Applied Exercise Physiology from Teachers College, Columbia University, an M.S. in Education, and a B.S. with Honors from Rutgers University in Exercise Science. In addition to helping individual clients, Joey teaches a weekly Postural Therapy Movement Class at Columbia University, and guest lectures at various businesses and schools. RSVP here:

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