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CUPS Krav Maga Class-for self defense

May 17, 2021
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Join us for an in-person Krav Maga Class to learn self-defense techniques

About this event

Unpredictable life-threatening situations can arise anywhere. Self-defense techniques not only prepares us for unexpected situations also help develop better mental and physical health. Krav Maga is not traditional martial arts, it combines all the best of martial arts, street fighting, and self-defense. The class with professional trainer will take place at the Great Hill in Central Park ( To get there climb the stairs at the 108th and Central Park West. We will meet at the top of the stairs.

Krav Maga Experts ® was created to redefine the way that Krav Maga is taught.

Mission statement: We instruct the individual and not the crowd. It’s not about ego, competition, or tradition. Rather, it’s about being strong from the inside, learning from each other, knowing where Krav Maga came from, and where it is headed. Krav Maga is the ultimate self-defense system. Be your defense.

Our trainer Tsahi Shemesh is the founder and chief instructor of Krav Maga Expert. With more than two decades of experience in Krav Maga, he has conducted many workshops self-defense initiatives organized by NYPD, Columbia University, NYU, etc. He also made national television appearances to showcase his skills like self-defense and personal safety expert.

Contact Rinki at [email protected] with any questions.

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