Past Event

Careers Beyond the Postdoc - STEM Non-Profits

March 4, 2021
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Learn about the career opportunities for STEM PhDs at scientific non-profits, in this panel of our "Careers Beyond the Postdoc" series.

About this Event

Join us virtually to meet PhD professionals who migrated to successful, non-academic careers in scientific research and program management, from three different scientific non-profits. The first 30 mins will be a panel discussion, where we'll discuss their career path, responsibilities, and experiences beyond academia. This will be followed by 30 mins of Q&A with the attendees. Our panelists are:

Ramona Hicks, Ph.D., Director, Science & TechnologyOne Mind

Alexi Runnels, Ph.D., Assistant Scientific Project ManagerNew York Genome Center

Amy Moore, Ph.D., Director, Science & ResearchGO2 Foundation For Lung Cancer

Contact Information

Benjamin Rudshteyn