Promoting Mental Well-Being for Columbia Postdocs

The mental health of young scientists has been brought up for discussion for many times in the recent history. In journals like Nature and Science, blogs, columns and articles have been published about the mental health situation of young ambitious scientists all over the world. Living and working under a ‘constant pressure’ for a long period of time can have serious and negative effects on the mental health of those who are climbing up the academic career ladder. At Columbia University this is not different. Also here there are graduate students, postdoctoral researchers and associate research scientists experiencing high levels of stress, anxiety and depression. When complaints are not addressed properly, this may have serious consequences.

To address this issue, CUPS has joined forces with the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (OPA), the Senate’s Research Officers Committee and the Provost’s Office. CUPS has written a report which includes recommendations and suggestions of how the University can address the mental health of young scientists who work here. This full report can be equally found on the website the Senate’s Research Officers Committee.